My father’s day card

My daughter Emz has bought the best Father’s Day card she has ever bought me.

I admire the sentiment, and I’m just glad she didn’t cross-off the word ‘not’.


In our house now we actually use the name ‘Dave’ instead of the descriptive term ‘knobhead’. It is very often used in ways such as, “Dad, you’re such a ‘Dave”.

Now, I can assure our venerated Prime Minister that we did not use the version of his shortened first name instead of the afore-mentioned term because this is how we think of him. Well, we do actually think of him in that way, but that’s by-the-by.  No, we use the term because the Malone family on the TV programme Gogglebox, (they who have the hundred Rottweiler dogs) have one dog called ‘Dave’ and who always gets into trouble with dad Malone and is then told off with the words, “Dave, you knobhead”.



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