Out and About – Pitlochry

I’ve only just managed to get back to my desk at home to start looking at some of the images that I have taken over the last ten days or so.

Firstly I went to Perth in Scotland for a Royal Photographic Society group meeting for four days and when I came back it was off to Yorkshire for a couple of days with Mrs M.

So the first quick upload is a picture that I took in Pitllochry on the River Tummel. it was a gorgeous day, very warm and clear. As you can see, the trees still have no leaves on them and the hills lack any vibrant colours. This is my second visit to Scotland in less than a year. the first time it was over on the west and Loch Lomond and this time the east and Perth. It really is a beautiful country and the people are great. I shall return, perhaps pushing further north.

I’ll be putting a couple of more pictures from Scotland up followed by a couple from Yorkshire over the next few days.




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