The first step on the road.

After weeks of prevaricating and excuses, I’ve finally started to make a Collection in Lightroom of prospective images for inclusion into my submission for a Licentiateship at the Royal Photographic Society. Out of the many images I have put in the collection, I have to hone and whittle them down to a competent and cohesive gallery.

This is only the start of, what I am sure will be a very rocky and painful road to the final submission. I don’t plan to submit the ten images required until early next year, but before that there are RPS distinction advisory and submission days to attend in order to glean whether any of my images are good enough to be submitted to the final advisory panel.

I went to an RPS distinctions exhibition in Nottingham in January where some of the images that had obtained Licentiates, Associates and Fellowships in 2014 were on show. They were all awesome images – beautiful photographs presented in a very professional and excellent way. It was a sobering and enlightening view of just how good some people are at photography.

For me though at this time, the process has only just begun, I have to find my 10 images that hopefully will get me that distinction and then work out what they call the ‘eleventh image’, that of the layout or presentation of the photographs.

Wish me luck.



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