365 – done and dusted

So that is another 365 daily photograph project completed. The first was in 2011 in which I processed every image in the style of Film Noir. This time I decided to do all the images in colour and try to produce them in a 1:1 format as far as possible. I also undertook to produce a book for each month of the project showing all of the images taken that month.

As I normally produce 90% of my work in monochrome, I wanted to explore colour in this project and I would also use the Nik Google suite of image processing to try different techniques and effects.

The part of the Google collection that I used most (besides the sharpener) was Analog Effex Pro 2. I found that the infinite effects that could be formed within the program really expanded my vision for the images that I took.

So there it is all done. It was difficult, but I found that this time I, for the most part, enjoyed the challenge. I found that by using the project as a means to explore different techniques and different styles of photography, I maintained my interest through the year.



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