Kenilworth castle

It’s been my normal Wednesday off work and the weather having been very wet the last couple of days meant that my intended visit to Kenilworth castle would probably be quite boggy. The weather today started brighter however and I was hopeful to get some atmospheric shots of the castle.

The day started with me being assaulted by Lily Cat. Someone had obviously got out of the basket the wrong side and she had decided someone had to pay for her bad mood.

This was obviously me. The increasing pressure and anger Lily showed as she chewed on my hand and double kicked my arm meant I had to shout at her. This seemed to have the desired effect because she then cuddled up to me for a while as if to say that the attack was nothing personal, it was just something she had to do.

The day picked up however as I had planned to meet my daughter Emma for lunch. We met in a café and then perused the shops in Kenilworth for a Christmas wreath for our front door. We had been given this important job by Mrs M and it was understood that we should not fail.

Wreath obtained, Emma went back to work and I went to Kenilworth castle. It was a fabulous couple of hours. The castle was closed, but the Meer and all around the walls is open to everyone so I wandered around the south-west to take my shots.

Kenilwoth Castle - D7100
Kenilworth Castle – D7100


The lighting was excellent. The sun was falling on the sandstone walls of the castle and I used a 2 stop ND filter to darken the sky. I also got some nice landscape shots across the fields to the north-west of the castle. It was worth putting on my walking boots and gaiters, as the Meer was waterlogged. Whenever I walk around the exterior of the castle walls, I always wonder it would have looked like before the slighting of the walls and towers in the civil war and with the Mere full and surrounding the walls.




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