Clive on Bob Books.

Not long to go now before the 365 – 2014 project ends. I had completed a 365 project back in 2012 (which you can see here) and had approached that in a different way to the current one. This time I decided to use only colour, then I used black and white and always with a film noir filter from NIK.

I never actually published the 2012 project in book form. Although it was all set up to go in the Cewe software. Perhaps one day I will do so, some of the images are quite powerful and evocative. This time however, I was determined that I would produce and publish books for the project and so decided on 1 book per month, representing all the days and the titles assigned to them.

I also decided to use Bob Books who had come out well in a few magazine tests for the quality of their printing. I have been pleased with the output of the company and the series of monthly 365-2014 anthologies have accumulated to form a coherent and truthful representation of my vision for the assignments.

A few weeks ago I received an email from Bob books asking if I could provide some information about how I planned the project and produced the books so that it could be put on their website. I wrote some words and sent it off to them.

The article is now on their website which you can see here.

I apologize for the ‘selfie’.



One thought on “Clive on Bob Books.

  1. Great article and I bet Bob books are rightly pleased. Not sure about that selfie! You and the wallpaper blend together…you trendy thing you. Great choice for favourite photo in June too!


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