Get ’em printed.

I’ve just finished framing some prints that are to go up in a new gallery to open locally soon.

I don’t print my own, I have mooted it but at the moment my time is taken up with taking pictures and processing them. I’m still going through those photographs I took in March of this year, cataloguing, sorting and editing so I am well behind on my workflow.

So, I currently get my photographs printed by Peak Imaging who are quick, moderately priced and whose quality is excellent, whilst the frames and mattes for all of the images come from Ezeframe who make it so easy to order and who deliver quality frames.

The thing that always strikes me about having pictures printed and framed, is the sheer, fabulous thrill of seeing your photographs blown up, printed really well and framed tidily. it’s the only way to look at your photographs. If you don’t want to frame everything, at least get your best images printed up to A3 size – you won’t regret it.


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