A finger of fudge is just enough…

I’ve been having a lot of trouble clarifying my vision for the current project that my photographic group S13 have set. The premise for the project revolves around a particular site and despite two visits and what I thought were coherent and appropriate images, when it came to editing I was ultimately disappointed with what I got. The pictures just did not convey what I was trying to get across and I knew that I would have to go and visit the area once more.

Yesterday I went out again (see yesterday’s ‘Mumblings’ blog) and for the first hour, I seemed to be making the same mistakes as the last two visits.

In the end, my D800 and I sat down forlornly on a bench, fed-up and vision-less. I took a Cadbury’s Fudge and my notebook from my camera bag, and proceeded to jot down the brief. From there I made a note of any words or phrases that came to mind about the project. It didn’t matter if they made sense or the relevance to the assignment was tenuous, I was looking for the basic, raw idea of an inspiration. After a few minutes of scribbling, several ideas seem to flow off the paper and then a theme for the project head-butted me like an angry Scotsman and I was finally off.

There followed and hour or two of really enjoyable photography. I was finally inspired to take the pictures I needed. Once I got home and the images were downloaded, I also found that I had the photographs I needed for the assignment.

It just shows that sometimes you need to put the camera down, and collate your thoughts properly, whether if that is on a bit of paper or a tablet screen, doesn’t matter. It’s the action of filtering through the haze of negativity, until you reach a clarity of vision and purpose that is the important thing.



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