Raising standards

On my recent trip to Croatia, I left the D800 at home and took the D7100. I was travelling photographically light, so as I was packing I was debating which lens to take with it. I had wanted to take the 35mm 1.8G DX (equivalent to a 50mm full frame) standard lens, but common- sense told me that I may need the use of a mid-range zoom and so I took the Fx 24 – 85mm f/3.5-4.5G which on the DX camera becomes a 36-127mm zoom.

The camera and lens performed faultlessly and I am pleased with the images I got, including some for a book project I am working on with other S13 league collaborators.

Today I went out with the D7100 and 35mm and I loved it. A 50mm (or equivalent) standard lens has approximately the same field of view as the human eye, so what you see is what you get. I think that this can be terribly liberating in the field. Today, I almost felt like a proper photographer. I couldn’t zoom, so I had to use Shanks’s Pony to frame the subject. I must have looked like a pretentious idiot as I moved in and out to frame the subjects, especially to the other photographers around who were busily twirling their zoom rings and not moving. I didn’t care though, I was having fun. I took some pictures indoors and the fast speed of the lens certainly helped with that and the excellent optical quality of standard lenses always make processing a pleasure. There was something creatively freeing about using a prime lens today.

Nikon DX, AF-S Nikkor 35mm, f/1.8G

Nikon DX, AF-S Nikkor 35mm, f/1.8G

I think it’s time I got a standard lens for the D800, that’ll be my next camera purchase.


So, if you have a standard lens and don’t use it, take it out, give it a go you’ll enjoy it, I promise.




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