Finding time

How many times do we hear from friends and work colleagues that they find it very difficult juggling family (not literally) and work in order to make time to pursue their personal interests to their own satisfaction.

I personally have never felt that I had that problem. I ensure that all my chores are done before I settle down to indulge my photography hobby either in the evenings or at weekends and holidays. It does mean of course that I miss out on the ubiquitous barrage of soap operas and ‘reality’ shows that seem to be bombarding British TV at the moment, but to me that is almost a blessing.

But I do have friends who had made really good progress at our photography club, but then decided not to take part anymore. They said that they ‘didn’t have time’ or were too tired in the evenings to process any images or to even take any.

Now I can actually understand this – I enjoy sitting at my workstation at home processing images even though I am on a computer all day at work – but I do realize that some people may find looking at a computer screen after a hard day working, the least enjoyable option for an evening’s winding down.

But when prompted about perhaps processing some of his images at the weekend, one of my friend ‘s still said he had no time. When we discussed what he actually did leisure-wise, it transpired – no surprise – that it was the goggle-box or Facebook that sucked the hours out of his weekend.


There is a great blog post here by David DuChemin on how to go about freeing up some of that precious time to do what you want.


4 thoughts on “Finding time

  1. Well, I have a constant line now, the problem is that it’s about a seventh of the speed it should be for Infinity. If it hasn’t improved in the next couple of days, it’ll mean another call to BT.


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