Revisiting the RPS

What a difference a few years make.

Five or six years ago I was a member of the Royal Photographic Society and I remember the dark website that was like entering an old fashioned gentleman’s club and sometime worked properly and sometimes didn’t. The society’s magazine ‘the Journal’ was printed on thin, not very good quality paper and the images inside the magazine all seem to be the traditional sort of image that you would expect to see in any photographic club that seemed to have got stuck somewhere around 1955 – 1965.

I also remember trying to get some kind of help in getting together a series of images for my Licentiate and despite the society expounding the virtue of this assistance, I never could get anyone to answer my emails. I withdrew my membership after a couple of years.

I have now joined the Royal photographic Society again, hoping to apply myself with a little more effort into obtaining a society distinction and I am pleasantly surprised with the facelift that the society has seemed to have undergone.

The website is bright and though perhaps a little quirky, it is easy to use and has the visual appearance of a blog. The magazine Journal is excellent. A superb quality magazine, and in the one edition I have so far, full of really good articles. There are images from lots of different disciplines of photography in colour and mono.

I hope this time to avail myself of some of the various workshops that the society runs, as well as distinction days where I can assess my own chances of obtaining an RPS award.




One thought on “Revisiting the RPS

  1. Good for you Clive and I hope it is as stimulating as you hope it will be. Really looking forward to hearing about what you are learning.


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