Standard Triumph

I’ve been using the newly purchased Nikon Nikon-35mm-f-1.8G-AF-S-DX for the last couple of weeks or so on my D7100, and I must say, I love it. Apart from an old (but still rather excellent) manual focus Nikkor Ai-S 50mm f/1.8 it is the only prime lens that I actually possess and so I was looking forward to using its wide aperture and – hopefully – fast focussing. I can now say that I wasn’t disappointed. For a relatively cheap Nikkor lens, it is very good indeed.


On the APS-C format, 35mm is equivalent to the standard 50mm lens that we all used to get on the old 35mm cameras when we bought them. They were the lenses that many cut their photography teeth on, and many, many photographers still swear by them as their favourite lens. This particular lens is not all that fast compared to some 50mm lenses that are as fast as f/1.4 or even (for mega-dosh) f/1.2. Nonetheless f/1.8 can be a revelation after using f/3.5 – 4.5 zoom lenses.
Obviously, as a prime lens, you have to get used to moving towards or away from the subject in order to frame the subject as you would like, rather than rotating a zoom ring. The lens focusses very fast on the D7100, snapping very quickly into focus and the colour and contrast is excellent.
I have to admit that this particular lens has not been off my D7100 since it arrived, I really love using it. Part of the reason for buying it was for a black and white shoot in Croatia later this year for a project that calls for a more frugal use of equipment to achieve the particular assignment that has been set. I’m now looking forward to that assignment.



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