31 March


I must admit to getting carried away with this image. It seemed to generate a life of its own as I worked on it. Once I had inverted the image it began to to take on an alien appearance, a picture of another planet, the drops of water being domes under an alien sky. I really enjoyed doing this picture.




4 thoughts on “31 March

  1. Absolutely love this! Great abstract. Liking your reflection in the water droplets. Would three or an odd number of droplets enhance this shot?


  2. Thanks for that Carol. I think there certainly is an argument to say an odd number 1 or 3 would work, but I had a little trouble getting 3 drips that balanced out for me and only 1 drip seemed a little fixed and uninteresting. I hoped that the two different sizes of the droplets would offset the uniformity and together with the pattern in the ‘sky’, would keep the overall balance stable but interesting.


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