30 March


The subject is a little Olympus Trip 35 film camera. My wife has had this camera for over 25 years, and all the time it was being used it never let her down. She still says it’s the best camera she’s ever had. It’s still kept in the original Olympus leatherette pouch it came in.
You can still buy refurbished and ‘made-over’ versions of the camera. This is a picture from the Photographer’s gallery in London where they sell pimped and refurbished Trip 35 for £80.


Over ten million of these great little cameras were sold.
The Trip 35 was a point and shoot model, with a solar-powered selenium light meter, and just two shutter speeds. In ‘A’ mode, the camera operates as a Program automatic, choosing either 1/40th sec or 1/200th sec. The camera can also sync with flash, and has a range of aperture settings, from f2.8 to f22. In flash sync mode the shutter is set at 1/40. Apart from a simple four-position zone focus system, and an ISO setting from 25–400, the camera has no other photographic controls. The camera has a Prontor-Compur sync connector and a hot shoe. Its lens is a coated Zuiko 40mm f/2.8 four-element Tessar lens, with four elements in three groups which still gives impressive, high-quality images results today. If used with modern film emulsions, the results can be very good indeed. A perfect ‘street’ camera.




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