15 February


A hand pressed up against the glass is the image for today. I did have some trouble with some flare on the glass but I worked that into the harsh grunge-like processing I did on the image.

Nikon D800



2 thoughts on “15 February

  1. Nice one. I had the idea to ask someone to press their face against a window. Seriously worried that I am turning into my coach! Glad other ideas came to me. Like the grunge…hides a multitude of sins!


  2. LOL – it’s all a bit uncanny, you thinking about the same kind of thing.
    There is also something about this image that I find a little unsettling. I turned the hand upside down and immediately the focus moved quite powerfully to the fingers. The highlighting and shading I put on before the sharpening and vignette all seemed to add to this ‘not quite right’ atmosphere. I think it’s one of my strongest 365 images so far.


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