Project updates

I still haven’t sent the pictures for my 365 project to the photobook printers. It’s on my to do list before the end of the year – and I will get it done.

The ‘Benches’ project is still in the ‘gathering of images’ stage and yesterday I whittled down over 200 images to around 60. There is still some pruning to do but I think I can get some decent photos for the book. There are still some things I want to try out for the project, so I don’t think I’ll be arriving at the the finished line-up of images this side of Christmas.

The ‘Tempus Fugit’ collaboration is going well, with all the photographers coming up with some great shots. The printing of the book is scheduled for spring of 2014, and at the moment we are on target. We have another editorial meeting in November, when we shall need to start arriving at a consensus on format and initial photographs for inclusion.

I have another photo project in the very early planning stages at the moment, and that is a collection of photographs of battlefields in Britain. The hard part in this will be making the images interesting, as by their very nature, battles were fought on open fields and not in dramatic landscapes. We shall see if this idea develops successfully.