2012 Images finished

I have now just finished processing the last of my images from 2012. This is a vast improvement from last year, when I finished my 2011 images in December of 2012.

The reason for this tardiness on my part is the amount of time that doing my photography degree with the OCA takes. During 2012 I did my degree work to the exclusion of my ‘own’ images. This meant that I couldn’t knuckle-down to my pictures until I had submitted my degree work for assessment.

This year I instigated a more thorough and planned time-keeping regime which enabled me to do my own images a couple of times a week, thereby taking a short break from my uni work. It seems to have worked and I am also still up to date with my OCA stuff.


The last picture I processed for 2012?

It was this one, taken at Witley Court in Worcestershire.


Log and undergrowth