Taking the Plunge (soon)

I have been prevaricating for probably about the last six months as to my future with my beloved Olympus E-cameras. I have three currently; E-1, E-30 and the E-620. I have five lenses (did have 6, but just sold one) including the lovely, pin sharp 14-54 mk II zoom.

I love my cameras. There is something about the E-1, the colours, the ease of use and the unbelievable ergonomic feel of the camera. Yes, it is only 5 megapixels, but it punches above that. I love the results from it.

My E-30 is my workhorse. Superbly engineered and just a jot to use, it delivers every time (providing I don’t muck the image up).

My E-620 is my ‘grab and shoot’ camera. It feels and looks superb and takes great images.

So why am I thinking of moving marques?

Three reasons:

  1. I’m looking to upgrade to a pro camera and it doesn’t look like Olympus will be bring a 4/3 camera out that is purely for that format. It will probably be smaller and will concentrate on m4/3 but engineered so that it can use 4/3 lenses. I don’t want that. I want a bespoke 4/3/ camera. Sure, they bought out the E-5 but it is now lagging behind the opposition in specs and output.
  2. I’m looking for more DR from my camera. All my Olympus cameras struggle to take noise free pictures above 800 ISO without scouring the image viciously with noise-removal software. The Olympus OM-D can do better, but it is m4/3 and I use 4/3. If they had put that sensor into a 4/3 body, I probably wouldn’t be looking to jump ship.
  3. Deja Vue. Olympus did this to me in the 80’s when instead of adapting their SLR line to autofocus, they closed up the SLR shop completely. No more OM’s and I was left with loads of equipment that didn’t have auto-focus.

So I’m off to Nikon. I don’t want to, I have money invested in Olympus, but I don’t think they care and in reality can’t afford to care about their dwindling DSLR position.Tthey have a great camera in the m4/3 OM-D and will build on that.


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