New Camera Bag.

For those who read this blog regularly, I think that you know this would happen eventually.

I’ve bought another camera bag.

For the last few months I’ve been happy using my great Kalahari Molopo K-41 bag.This is a super bag and if all you’re going to do is take one camera and one lens and little else when you go out, it’s ideal. However with the weather being what it is in the UK (especially this year)I’ve often gone out with the Zuiko 18 – 180 f/4.0 and found that the light has got worse, and I really could have done with a faster lens (say the 14-54 f/2.8). With the Kalahari, there is just no where to put that extra lens or a filter holder etc. So, for the last couple of months, I’ve been keeping my eyes open, and even thought about going back to my larger Domke F6 – A little bit smaller bag, which is a great bag, but even with the camera out still a little bit bulky for me.

I like my camera bags to be canvas, but also I like them to not look like camera bags, not too huge and to collapse to my hip somewhat after the camera has been removed to use.

Then I saw an advert in a magazine for Courser bags, they are made in China and are all canvas. They make them in different sizes and in two different colours – sand and khaki. I measured up the Courser models and decided on the F1003 amd ordered it in khaki.

When it arrived, I initially thought that it looked a little too large but once I put some gear in it, I realised that anything smaller would not carry another lens.

The bag is made of canvas and has no lining. in that respect it is like the Domke rather than the Kalahari. It comes with a padded box insert that fits nicely in the bag and two velcro fitted sub-dividers.

Once in place I can get my E-30 with battery pack and lens into one side of the box and a lens on the other (probably two if I stacked them). There is an inner zip pocket for personal belongings and two pockets on the outside of the bag for filter holders, filters and batteries etc, which are covered by the bag flap once fastened down by two industrial sized poppers. The bag also has a zip which closes it at the top and the flap then covers this when closed. On the outside of the bag on one side is a pen pocket and on the other a phone pocket. The strap is 5cm wide and is very comfortable even with all the gear in.

I’ve been out with it a few times now and have got used to the increased size over the Kalahari and I really like it.


2 thoughts on “New Camera Bag.

  1. I’m am a very casual photographer. I mostly take photos of interiors for my home decor blog, but we’re planning a trip to Western Europe (we’re in the U.S.) and I want to upgrade my DSLR camera, lenses and camera bag before then. I’ve got a Canon camera bag I’ve had for years, but the little equipment I have is already about to bust out of it, so I’m looking to get a new bag that I can grow into as I upgrade my gear. I’ve seen these Courser bags, and there’s another Chinese company that makes canvas bags that are almost identical. Good to read a review from a real photographer who has used it out in the field. I’m looking at the F1002, which is slightly larger than your F1003. I just hope it’s comfortable to walk around with for days on end!


  2. Hi Hollie thanks for your comment. I’m pretty pleased with the Courser. I’m managing to get a couple of filter holders, spare batteries, gloves and a hat in it as well as the camera and a couple of lenses. I have waterproofed it with some spray just to protect it from the British weather, but with the zip closure and the flap over the top I’m pretty sure that it is shower proof. The strap on the F1003 is also nice and wide and doesn’t cut into your shoulder. I think what I like most about it, is that it doesn’t look like a camera bag as such.
    The canvas that Courser use for their bags seems of a little lighter weight than the Domke, but that in itself is not a problem as the Courser inserts are a little bit more robust than those in the Domke.
    Enjoy your trip to Europe.


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