MMX: The Boulder

This image was taken in the lake district with an Olympus E-30. It was a gloriously sunny day but very windy. We had pulled into a lay-by by a stream to get some shots both up the valley from where we had just come from and down the valley in the direction  we were headed. When we stopped at the small lay-by, there were no other cars parked. Within five minutes three other vehicles stopped and other people got out with their cameras.
Just as I set up my camera and tripod to take the road disappearing into the distance a man got out of his car armed with a point and shoot and stood right in front of me to the right of the boulder as you see it in the photo. He completely ignored me and carried on taking pictures. After three or four minutes he had apparently finished and walked back to his car. I took this picture just as he disappeared behind the boulder.


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