Er…it’s another bag.

So what’s the excuse this time Marshall I hear you cry? Why another camera bag?
Well it’s all to do with the National Geographic Earth Explorer Medium camera bag that I reviewed last time. If you remember I placed the small version of the NG bag that I had bought previously inside the medium size and found that it fitted perfectly. Great protection for the camera rather than having it rolling around in the larger bag and all I had to do was take the whole smaller bag and camera out to take with me.  Also you might recall, I said the supplied camera pocket was a little flimsy and that I would consider putting another small NG on the other side of the bag.
Well, try as I might I couldn’t find the small bag for anything under 50 quid, so I was resigned to having one of my cameras in the flimsy pocket when I go to Italy in July.
Then I thought that it didn’t have to be a NG bag. There are plenty of other manufacturers who make small zoom type cases that might fit just as well. So I checked out various websites armed with the size I required to fit another case into the medium NG bag.
There were one or two that fit the criteria, but as I didn’t want to spend too much on a bag I came up with the Lowepro Rezo 120


I got this bag for £19 on Amazon Prime (no postage) and if the dimensions are accurate then it will fit next to the NG small bag inside the larger one. This will mean that on the plane I will have the NG medium bag as carry on, containing iPod, Kindle, Passport and two cameras both with lenses and possibly the 25mm Zuiko pancake carried as well. Each camera bag will carry a spare CF card, a spare battery filter holder and ND x 4 filter.
Once in Italy, all I have to do is choose which camera I will use for the day and take the relevant small shoulder bag out off the larger bag. Self contained shooting outfit for the day and no fussing.
Quick and easy.

JohnM. That’s 7 now. Your turn.  :o)

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