On one leg

We have another VDCC meet coming up on Saturday (weather permitting) and I have decided that I am going to use the monopod that has never even been outside.

Two of the club members and I went up to the Peak District two weeks ago and did a 5 mile walk up and around Mam Tour. We each took a backpack with a couple of cameras, lenses and a tripod each. By crackie did we feel those tripods climbing up the peak!

So, I think whilst it is obvious that a tripod is required equipment when venturing forth on an out-and-out landscape photog day, or when long exposures are likely to be required to get depth of field, when that day is also a long hard walk with very little opportunity to set up the tripod, perhaps a monopod is more prudent.

So, on Saturday I intend to have a go with the monopod. I have purchased a ball head with a removable locking plate to sit on top of it. The trip to Bradgate park doesn’t promise much in the way of spectacular landscapes, but there is a ruined medieval manor house and various rock formations in which a monopod should be able to cope.

Just in case though, the tripod will be coming with me sitting in the boot watching…and waiting.

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