Back from Florence – over exposing

Mrs M. and I are back from Italy after 3 days in Florence. The weather was good apart from the evenings when it rained a little.

Camera equipment-wise, I took my Domke bag with my E-620, the 14-42 zoom and the pancake lens.

It was whilst I was using the 620 on the first day,  that I found that I was having to increase exposure by 1/3 of a stop to get some brightness into the pictures. There was nothing special about the situations I was photographing, just street scenes and buildings.

Once back at the hotel, I reset the camera menu so that the 620 was permanently shooting 1/3 over. I will keep an eye on this to ensure I am getting good results from the over-exposure, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that the E-620 is prone to slight under-exposure.


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