Camera bags wot I use.

I use three camera bags at the moment. I have a Lowepro Flipside AW400 backpack in which I store all my gear apart from the little odds and ends like USB cables etc. The bag has numerous removable, padded partitions and can be arranged in numerous ways in order to fit your equipment. It has loops to carry a tripod and external net pockets for drinks etc. It also has a large zip pocket on the front for a phone and other bits and pieces and an integrated waterproof cover stored in a pouch on the bottom. This is a fantastic, comfortable bag to wear with all the equipment stored within.

I also have a Domke 6 (Little Bit smaller bag) which I use for everyday use. In this I can transport two cameras and two lenses.  It doesn’t look like a camera bag and it’s my favourite. It’s made of heavy duty canvas with a zip pocket on the front and in the lid and an open pocket on the back. Like all Domke’s it comes unpaddded apart from the bottom and you have to buy the Domke padded inserts (or make your own) in which to put your camera and lenses. The bag comes with a collapsable 4 lens compartment, from which I have removed the partitions and I use this to put one of the cameras in. I then purchased the 1-Compartment Short compartment in which you can fit a body with out a lens, although I don’t tend to use this.

The third bag I have is a Lowepro Terraclime 100. This bag is made from reconstituted plastic bottles and is actually a very nice nondescript ‘man-bag’ type. It comes with a padded wrap with which you can wrap your camera for extra protection, although I tend to use the padded insert from my Domke bag that just fits in nicely. it has pockets on the front and a zip pocket on the inside.


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