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After my last blog before Christmas, I have given a lot of thought to what I plan to do photography-wise in the coming year. I have decided to have some time off from the degree and to look at it again later in the year. I am allowed to postpone the next module until November and then continue with no penalty.

These next months will give me time to sort out some of my own projects that I was talking about in my previous post. Once they have been finished or at least continuing in a satisfactory fashion, then I will probably be able to look at my degree again with a clearer vision of how I want to proceed.

If my company is amenable I would also like to reduce my hours at work towards the end of 2014, which would enable me to have more time for study.

So, there you have it a possible Clive roadmap for next year.

So. it’s the 23 December, and I’m sitting in front of my monitor and about to start processing another image from the summer. I’m still on July, working on the images I took in Venice. Although my University module with the Open College of the Arts finished in September (which I passed) I don’t seemed to have made much headway in getting through the photographs I have taken.

My plan was to get up to date by Christmas (now) so that when the next module begins, I’m up to date with my own photographs – once the Uni works start I will have very little time to process my own images.

I have various projects that I want to either start or finish. I have a book of 365 images which has been ready for printing for quite a while now as well as a collaborative project with three other photographers that has the tentative title of ‘Tempus Fugit’. This project which will result in a book, is at the stage where the photographs to be used are being chosen.

I also have set up a test site for the sale of my prints on line together with ‘gallery’ space for other guest photographers who also want to sell their prints online. It’s look as though this may have to wait another few months before I can get to grips with it again.

I am currently debating whether I continue with my photographic degree course because of all the other pressures on my time. I also work full-time in a normal job, and have a family. My free time is being squeezed all the time. I seemed to bounce from giving up the course to carrying on many times, in the course of a week. I love that the course has broadened my appreciation of photography and photographers that I may have never considered looking at before, but doing the degree is a massive commitment in time and money and other things have to drop by the wayside whilst it is being done.

As I said, decisions…decisions.


I hope you and yours have a merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.



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