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This morning I decided to have a try and getting the images for the 12by12 project on Flickr. Each month a well-known photographer sets a project for people to undertake. The first project of the series, is set by British photographer Vanessa Winship and the brief is: photograph someone or something every 100 or so steps.

I went to Stratford and had a go. It’s very hard. Firstly I was getting strange looks whilst walking along and repeatedly shouting out the number of steps up to a hundred. Then, when you reach the century you have to look around and find something to photograph. The picture below was at step 100 on the bank of the river opposite the Shakespeare Theatre.




I’m feeling pretty pleased at the moment.

The Royal Shakespeare Company got in touch with me a month or two ago about using a winter image that I took of the house in Charlecote Park for the leaflets and advertising media in productions of Love’s Labour’s Lost and Love’s Labour’s Won which is better known as Much Ado About Nothing. The setting for the plays is, respectively, the summer of 1914 and the winter of 1918.

The stage designs are set around Charlecote Park, hence the request to use my image on their advertising leaflets. The designer had an idea to show the house in both the summer and winter and so my winter image was used as well as a summer one by another photographer.

You can see the result below in a a scan of the leaflet centre pages.



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