Portfolio Update

I have just added another three images to the “Recent” section on my profile. As I add three I remove three of the older posts. As all of these images were taken in 2019, once I have run them all through the “Recent” section, the best of them will be put into the Archive gallery … Continue reading Portfolio Update

Portfolio Addition

As I add new images to the “Recent Work” section on my Portfolio I will give a heads-up to the addition on here. This image, which I call “Iron Landscape” was taken in the Living Museum of Beamish in Durham. It was originally a portrait format image of the side of a boiler in the … Continue reading Portfolio Addition

Updated Portfolio

I have just uploaded images from November 2013 on to my portfolio site   This website contains images that I consider to be the best pictures from each month as well as photographs from my special projects. Please go and have a look if you haven’t visited already.