Using exposure metering effectively.

I’m really enjoying the electronic viewfinder in my Fuji cameras. Being able to adjust the image to approximate how you see the final version after processing is such a time-saver. My colour processing (albeit the smaller portion of my processing – I do far more monochrome images) has speeded up because I now have to … Continue reading Using exposure metering effectively.

Out and About – Bradgate Park

Today I was wandering around Bradgate Park in Leicestershire with the D800. The weather was bright and sunny, but with a vicious northerly wind that cut across the top of the hills and sliced into the valleys. I decided that I would use the camera on manual with auto ISO which I have never done … Continue reading Out and About – Bradgate Park

Auto ISO

I spent my early photography days using film, especially reversal film which resulted in slides to show in a projector. Reversal film is not as forgiving as print film and that meant that you had to be pretty accurate with all camera settings and that included using the ISO recommended by the manufacturer. I started … Continue reading Auto ISO