The value of critique

  When we post our images online for people to look at, for example on Flickr, do we take this action knowing that at worse we will get no comment and at best we will get a ‘fave’ and the ubiquitous “love this”, comment? This and other forms of photographic display on the internet do … Continue reading The value of critique

Out and About extra: Stratford 12 by 12 result

I actually managed to get five images for the first of the 12 by 12 projects from my trip to Stratford as mentioned a couple of days ago . I presented them to the Flickr group as square photographs with the River Avon and its attractions as the main theme. I was quite happy with … Continue reading Out and About extra: Stratford 12 by 12 result

Out and About – Stratford

This morning I decided to have a try and getting the images for the 12by12 project on Flickr. Each month a well-known photographer sets a project for people to undertake. The first project of the series, is set by British photographer Vanessa Winship and the brief is: photograph someone or something every 100 or so steps. I went … Continue reading Out and About – Stratford