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I have always been a huge fan of Michael Kenna’s photography. I think I have been inspired to do many of my black and white photographs in square mode because of him and his use of Hasselblad cameras. I have however never aspired to taking long exposures like him but his minimalist, beautifully visualized photographs have always made me wish I had his talent for seeing a scene.

My daughter recently gave me his book “Forms of Japan” for my birthday and it is an awesome volume. It is a coffee table format book designed by Yvonne Meyer-Lohr with 300 pages that are organized into chapters titled Sea, Land, Trees, Spirit and Sky. The reproduction of Kenna’s images are superb and although they obviously cannot emulate the luminosity and depth of the original silver gelatin prints they are nevertheless excellent. The full page photographs in the book are faced with haiku poems that complement the photographs perfectly. It is a book which will inspire and make me return to it time and time again.






I have just published the first month’s worth of images taken as part of the 365-2014 project that is being featured through this blog.

The book has been published by Bob Books and can be found in their online bookshop here.

I plan to eventually publish all of the 12 months as individual books which are all designed to look as though they are part of a set of photographic volumes.


The photographic group I belong to, S13, have just published a book entitled ‘Over time’

Over Time by S13

Over Time by S13

It examines the passage of time through the personal vision of the photographers. The images are a personal reflection of the topic, but the photographs are such that they can serve as a catalyst for people to examine their own feelings about the inexorable march of time in their own lives.

You can see more about the book and buy it  here

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