I have no excuse!

I admit it!

I was weak!

Despite the prattle in my last post, I have now gone and purchased a Fuji X-T5!

I did, to my credit, agonise about its purchase for a whole month. I know pretty strong-willed of me, wasn’t it? But, if I am being honest with myself, I always wanted the new camera and part of me knew I was always going to buy it. The series 5 sensor and the 40-megapixel resolution were just too much for the feeble-minded person that I am to shrug off and ignore. 

So, earlier this week I pressed the purchase button on the Wex site. I was looking for a black body but could not find one anywhere and even the silver bodies seemed in short supply. There were X-T5 kits available with either the XF18-55mm or the XF16-80mm but I have both of these lenses and so they were really of no interest.

I then read on Fuji Rumours that they thought that Fuji was pushing X-T5 kits rather than concentrating stock on stand-alone camera units. With the squeeze on components at the moment coming out of China, and if Fuji is concentrating on producing kits, then the possibility that the difficulty of obtaining just the X-T5 body may continue, could be a reality. This was another reason that made me take the plunge and buy it at this time.

Looking at Wex I saw that they had stocks of the silver bodies and as my X100F is a silver version and looks, I think, really good,  I purchased a silver X-T5. It has arrived and looks and feels great. I have now set it up the way I like and have shot some test frames which look very nice. Hopefully, over the Christmas holiday, I will get a chance to put it through some more testing.

Can’t wait!


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