Vivian Maier Anthology

I took a trip down to Milton Keynes on 7th August to have a look at the Vivia Maier Anthology exhibition at the Milton Keynes Gallery.

The exhibition features over 140 black and white photographs by Maier as well as some colour prints and even some videos that she shot.

Straight off I have to admit to being a massive fan of Maier’s work so this exhibition is one that I wouldn’t miss. Everyone knows the story about how she was unknown and her thousands and thousands of images unseen until they were discovered when the contents of her lockups were sold in 2007. From then on the emergence of her superlative black and white street portraits, urban shots and (as I saw for the first time in the exhibition) her abstracts has been an abundant blessing for fans of her work.

This is one exhibition that any fan of photography, not just street photography, should see.


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