After the apps

Now that I am not posting on social media such as Instagram and Flickr (see last two posts) I have found the time to continue the revamp of my portfolio website. The 2022 update is being worked on with new images and branding, but the 2020 version is still live.

I have also changed the name of my WordPress “Project” site to “MARSHALL Monochrome” and have also started a new site called “MARSHALL Colour”. Their respective content is, I think, clear from the titles.

These two sites will be populated by images that are taken during my shoots. They may not be the best images but in reality that doesn’t matter. I am doing these two sites for myself. They are open for anyone to view, but if no one does that is OK. There may be experimental stuff on these sites as well as more traditional photography. 

The difference between these two WordPress sites and the Adobe Portfolio powered one is that the latter is for, what I believe, are my very best images. I have always enjoyed putting websites together so it’s not about making these sites for image approval by others, they have been made because I enjoy collating and producing them.

The two WordPress sites will always be a work in progress and the newer MARSHALL Colour is currently being updated to the present year. 

The main output for my images is still printing. I use an Epson Surecolor SC600 and the printed A4 images are filed into conservation-grade box files. As mentioned previously I am reviewing the images I have for each year and printing the best. I am currently printing those images taken in 2016.

So at the moment with new shoots, websites and printing I am really busy with my photography. What is great about it, is that for the first time in a long time, I am really happy about it and enjoying all the aspects of this great hobby without feeling a self-inflicted pressure to post onto popular social media.


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