Lens Cull

At the moment I have three Fujifilm camera bodies; 

  • the X-T4, 
  • the X-Pro2 
  • the X100F.

To go with these bodies I have the following lenses: 

  • XF18mmF2 R
  • XF23mmF2 R WR
  • XF35mmF2 R WR
  • XF16-80mmF4 R OIS WR
  • XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS
  • XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR
  • XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS

The other day I was putting the X-T4 back on the shelf when I looked at all those lenses and said out loud, “Why?” Why did I have all those lenses? I’m not a professional photographer, I don’t earn part of my living from photography. I had a kind of epiphany and realised that I could reduce the number of lenses by looking at where I have overlaps in focal lengths and culling my lens stable accordingly.

The first thing that was obvious to me was that the XF23mm, although a great lens, has not been used since I purchased the X100F which has the 23mm focal length already covered with its permanently fixed 23mm F2. Okay, so that’s the XF 23mm that can go. 

The XF18mmF2 has been in the Fujifilm catalogue for 8 years now and is still a great lens. I bought it to put on my X-E3 so that I could have a small “street” Fuji to carry around with me. However, I then decided that a better bet would be the awesome X100F, so the X-E3 went on part exchange for the X100F, which left the XF18mmF2 a little bit adrift. At that point, I had three zoom lenses that could cover the 18mm focal length, so I bid goodbye to the XF18mmF2.

The final lens to leave the collection was the  XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6. I had used this lens a lot and I liked it, but since acquiring the XF16-80mmF4, it had not been used. I had always thought it was a slightly bulky lens but it always gave good results so it was a difficult decision but I decided it had to leave.

So, why did I keep the lenses I did?

Well, the XF35mmF2 is the equivalent of a “nifty-fifty” and I think everyone should have one of those. I’ve always owned a 50mm (or equivalent) since the 1970s and the Fuji one I have now lives relatively permanently on my X-Pro2.

The XF16-80mmF4, is a new lens and since I got it, it has stayed on the X-T4 apart from a couple of shoots when I needed the reach of the XF55-20mm zoom. It also forms the middle ground of my new lens coverage plan – more later.

Since I got XF16-80mmF4, the Xf18-55F2.8-4 has not been attached to a camera. But it is a cracking little lens, lightweight and the quality of the images it produces means it does punch above its weight. It is just great for taking abroad – when we can do so again. It is small and light and after watching it crash to the ground in Sicily, it is also tough. The fall resulting in a smashed lens filter and nothing else.

The XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 is a no-brainer to keep, it is my longest focal length and it is a fantastic lens for its price point. Very sharp images and for a 30omm equivalent lens, it is not overly large.

The three lenses I decided to get rid of went to part-exchange for the XF10-24mmF4 R OIS WR. This now means for my coverage plan, I have three zoom lenses that can cover super-wide angle requirements up to a long telephoto.

The shelf on which my camera equipment lives is a little bit empty of lenses now, but I think it was the right call.


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