Fujifilm X-E4 Announced

Fujifilm has announced that the next iteration of the X-E range of cameras will be released at the end of February, named the X-E4. A few years ago it was rumoured that the X-E line would not be updated after the X-E2s but along came the X-E3, mainly it is said because Fuji users asked for it in a poll started by FujiRumours website. Now we have the X-E4. It has the 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and the high-speed X-Processor 4 which is the same as the flagship X-T4 camera.

The X-E3 had a flat LCD screen but the X-E4 will have a rear screen that can be tilted up and forward-facing. The X-E4 will also have a high speed 0.02-sec focusing ability.

I had the X-E2 and I have the X-E3 and the thing that I notice about the X-E4 from the photographs is the remodelling that has gone on with the body. It has been squared off and levelled out and bears quite a resemblance to a camera that has a red dot on its body and the model name Q2. The X-E4 has no grip at all on the right side of the body and the front edges have been rounded off. I must say I really like it.

But I won’t be getting it. As I have said I have the X-E3 but this has now been replaced as my “slip it in your pocket camera” for the time being by my X100F. 

Wex currently have the X-E4 on pre-order at £799

X-E4 and the Leica Q2
X-E4 and the X-E3

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