Lockdown Focus

All through this year in the UK as in almost every other corner of the world affected by COVID-19, we have had one after the other, lockdown, easing, tier systems, lockdown, tier systems, easing to come (over Christmas) and then no doubt lockdown again in January, then probably tier systems until a vaccine is distributed.

During this time getting out and about to take photographs has obviously quite rightly been limited but I have kept going, photographically speaking, by doing a 366-day project. I have also kept my health and during the long periods in isolation, I have found my thoughts have frequently turned to photographic projects. I have jotted down ideas, thoughts and musings on what photographic projects I would want to work on in the future – AC (after covid). I found the process enjoyable and encouraging and I also found that by looking forward to some of the things I can work on photographically in the future, the restrictive present was easier to take.

Looking at the notes I have made it seems like these projects can be split into three groups:

  • Projects I can start now because I have the photographs already e.g, printing my images defined by years and storing in archive catalogues.
  • Projects that I have already started photographing but not finished, e.g, urban or street photography
  • Projects I have not yet started and have just started planning,  e.g, my next RPS distinction.

Counting these projects up, I find that I have ten (at the moment) separate photography projects that I want to finish, continue or start. Whether I can do all of these is another matter, but it’s nice knowing I’m not stuck for inspiration. 

With all this photography ahead of me, when am I ever going to get a chance to go to work?


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