Stumbling about for inspiration.

Having just opened a new year’s worth of monthly projects for the members of my online photographic club, I was ready to leap into the additional 365, a picture a day, project. Every week, seven titles are placed on the site for members to use to take a picture a day. However, it seems I was hoisted by my own petard. I just could not get inspired to take photographs of the titles. I have completed two previous 365 projects over the years, but with this one I was stuck. Nothing! No inspiration!

I was floundering about trying to find compositions and images based on the titles, and seven days into the New Year, I still had nothing. Zilch!

It seemed that I would not be able to do the project this year, then I had a thought. I would still do a 365 project, but I would use an idea I had last year about producing a collection of images based from around my home.

So, for this year, I will take a picture from inside my home, every day. I will use one camera, one lens and take jpg’s not RAW and use one Fuji film simulation for the whole series. Post-processing will be held to a minimum, and the images will then be placed on my project website at the end of the week. The photographs will not be works of art, but hopefully, they will document a year in around my home. there may even be a photobook afterwards.

At the moment, I am looking forward to examining and producing an image from a location that is the most familiar to me. It means looking and seeing the photographic possibilities in place that I have become creatively complacent about.

It pays, therefore, to always jot down or perhaps take “sketch” photographs of any ideas you have for a project. Even if you don’t use it immediately, the idea could come in useful at some point.






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