Photo Project

This project is a little more involved than the previous ones, in that you have more topics to choose from and it asks you to produce a documentary-style selection of four photographs.

Photograph: The Built Environment

From sleek commercial districts to out of town shopping areas and forlorn precincts that have seen better days the design of the built environment has never been more interesting to suit. For this project, identify a location, then try to see the built elements of that location as symbols of a particular era, design style, or even of a political mindset that has left its mark on the city.



Choose one of the following themes and aim to visit your chosen place for as long as possible in one day. Although you may visit your choice as many times as you wish and take any amount of photographs on those visits, all photographs should be taken on the same day.


1.Light and Shade

Perhaps the greatest influence on a particular setting or area comes from natural light and shade. As you walk around your chosen destination keep an eye out for shadow patterns and stripes that can intensify the volume of a 3D shape or building.


2.Tourists in the City

Set yourself the challenge of observing tourists enjoying the highlights of your chosen area.


3.The Bridge

Big, Small, Old or new, bridges are both functional and symbolic structures connecting people across landscapes. Many famous bridges have their own rich history and unseen inner workings.


4.The Landmark Building

This is a building that makes an impact on its environment and one that is synonymous with its location. Concentrate on establishing the fundamental properties of your building and its relationship to the surrounding area, height, shape and volume are all features to consider.


5.City Components

Larger public spaces such as post-war shopping precincts and new town developments provide the chance to shoot the separate elements of a town plan. Visualize your subject like an architect’s model and pick out the most significant structures in the plan.



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