Photo Project

Photograph: A flower or flowers



Your project this month is to take a photograph of a flower or flowers. Whilst the weather should be getting warmer this image is to be taken indoors.

You should take advantage of the wonderful soft light that windows can give an image.

One way of doing this is with back-lighting which will give light, gentle shadows and an ethereal feel.
Another way of approaching the subject is to have the light fall on the flower from over your shoulder. This will emphasize the colours and shapes of the flowers but will also mean that the background will be more visible so you will need to think how you approach that so that it doesn’t detract from the flowers.

You may want to try a macro shot of you have the correct type of lens. Macro allows you to concentrate on the fine details which almost makes an abstract design of the flower.
There are other ways that you can approach this project, be creative – just remember a flower has to be in the image.

There are also several camera techniques you could use for this project. For example, an obvious choice is to use a wide aperture to throw the background out of focus. You could also try focus stacking which gives a front to back sharpness to the flower. But in all these things you must not forget the composition of the frame. Where you place the flower and the direction it takes through the image is important – the image must balance.

A tripod will almost certainly be a necessity for this shot and perhaps a reflector or two to get the shadows right.








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