Fujifilm Camera updates


Fujifilm has announced a software update for its range of X cameras.

These are:

• Fujifilm X-A1
• Fujifilm X-A2
• Fujifilm X-A3
• Fujifilm X-A10
• Fujifilm X-E1
• Fujifilm X-E2
• Fujifilm X-E2s
• Fujifilm X-M1
• Fujifilm X-Pro1
• Fujifilm X-T1
• Fujifilm X-T10

The updates for these cameras are to enable compatibility for the 80mm macro which will be out soon. The XT-2 and X-Pro 2 are not included as they have significant updates expected towards the end of the year. The X-E3 it is thought will receive updates possibly in the new year.

Even if you don’t think you will get the 80mm macro, it might be worth updating as Fuji sometimes place unlisted small updates for context menus etc. in updates.

You can download the updates by going here





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