Rollright Visual Arts Group

Have just spent a great day at the Rollright Visual Art group.  There was a great turn-out with about 50 photographers comprising of RPS and non-RPS members.  We had three displays of associate submissions for the Royal Photographic Society, one which is entered for the distinction in March next year and the other two which have already been successful.  They were all excellent and showed the standard of images that need to be entered to achieve the Society’s prestigious awards.

The highlight though was a talk and exhibition by photographer Nicki Gwynn-Jones.  A superlative collection of bird photography and multiple exposure abstracts with delicate almost water colour-like images.  You can see her web-site here.

Nicki was enthusiastic, funny, self-effacing and not afraid to share her photographic secrets.  To see her photographs close-up was a great privilege.

Multiple exposures here I come.





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