Out and About – Calke Abbey

Today Mrs M and I took ourselves off to one of our favourite NT houses, Calke Abbey. This is the stately home that the Trust obtained in 1985 and found rooms that had been shut off for years and piled with the belongings of the Harper-Crewe family. Rather than restore the estate, the NT carried out only remedial repair work, particularly on the roof. The estate is advertised as showing the decline of a stately home.

It was very sunny and in the sun it was quite warm and pleasant. There was a strong wind, but not as cold as in previous weeks. You could actually feel spring getting closer.


This is a shot across the walled garden to a slightly skewed door in the opposite wall.

I took the D7100 this time with the 24mm-85mm f/3.5-4.5 full frame zoom. This obviously becomes a 36mm- 127mm lens on the DX format D7100. I decided again to use manual mode with auto ISO instead of my usual Aperture priority. I like the combined control over aperture and shutter so much that I think this mode will probably be my default setting now.



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