17 May


Nikon P300



3 thoughts on “17 May

  1. Interesting this shot I am not sure I like the dense green canopy occupying the top of the frame, but there is absolutely no denying that this shot has me peering through the opening to explore what might be beyone. I guess that was the sole intention and so no doubt you will be able to explain to the novice why exactly the including that dense green at the top has had the desired effect.


  2. The shot was actually taken on the grass through some flowers in our garden. The dark mass is a leaf out of focus. You can just see the green of the leaf in the top shading. By sharpening the light area to its maximum and then decreasing it as it moved to the outside of the frame together with a dark filter doing the same, my intention was to draw the viewer to the light area, to ‘explore’.


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