9 March



A very difficult title this – I wonder which idiot thought of it.
Anyway, I pondered on the possibility that everyone else would take a picture of someone jumping, so I thought I would take the picture concentrating on the person on the other side of the camera – me! I put an ND filter on the lens to drop the speed down a little more, stopped the lens down and then proceeded to hop around the garden like a demented frog taking pictures as I went.
I wonder what the neighbours thought.
Still the picture came out remarkably well. Quite ethereal.

Olympus E-30



2 thoughts on “9 March

  1. Oh yes very ethereal – ghostly. I know you were jumping around like a frog but the result is quite smooth, chiffon like. very nice…not sure it says jump to me although it is a very interesting and creative take on the word, almost like an art installation.


  2. Ah, that’s where the art comes into it. The result may not say jump to you, but then that’s not so critical in this instance. What is important is that the result was because of the implementation of a ‘jump’ within the creation of the photograph, to whit, it’s the record of a moment in time, caused by a jump 🙂


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