18 January


My idea for this title was always about depicting the ‘present’ that is ‘now’, rather than the ‘gift’ meaning of the word.
I was going to do a companion picture for the PAST one, but then I realised that I don’t actually have any recent photographs of the family that I can use. I mean, I have photographs, but no prints. I could have presented these digital files from within Photoshop as pseudo prints, but that wouldn’t have been the same, and (I think) cheating.
So, I then thought about photographing something that shows the present time and date and my mobile phone seemed to fit the bill. It was photographed and then put through a type of ‘Lomo’ filter.

Nikon P300



One thought on “18 January

  1. Like the filter live the colour and the way the numbers stand out. I had explored this idea as well as gift as well as present as a slide show or person to the president. So many choices but I opted for the one that was about my day…again to fit into my diary of the year type blog.


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