11 January



I decided to use the tea caddies for the assignment today, and set them up in various ways; singly, just using the tops and lying down, but it was side-by-side that I thought I had the best representation of their colour.
Once I took the pictures in this layout however, I realised that the eye was actually drawn to the lettering on the tins, rather than the colour being the dominant factor. I therefore put it through various wet-plate effects filters, until I believed I had the one that had the best balance between the lettering and the colour, with the colour being pre-eminant.




One thought on “11 January

  1. Posh purple! I think your treatment has worked well to bring out colour over lettering I am however left trying to decipher what kind of posh teas these are. Something green and organic something. Call me nosey!


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