View – a Photo Zine. The first six issues.

View is a free monthly digital zine that is published at the end of every month here on A Sensored-View and is also available via my website, In it, I chose and show ten or so photographs from all the photographs that I have taken throughout the month. Not all of the photographs will be the best that I have ever taken, but they will be ones that I particularly like and also have achieved what my vision was for the scene.

As this project is kicking off in the middle of 2017, I have gone back over my photographs and have created an issue for each of the first six months. Currently, the zine is itself is fairly basic and this may, or may not change as time goes on.

Some of the images in the Zine may also appear in the weekly A Sensored-View blog, but obviously with some explanation about the image, for example, how, or why, I took it.

View is a free publication so, please feel free to download and share or if you feel inspired have a go yourself and please send me a link to your Zine.

Download the free pdf file by clicking on the Zine icon for the issue you want.