New Topographic Movement

Over the last month, I have become very interested in the New Topographics Movement (NTM). The NTM is a photographic movement that was labelled as such by William Jenkins in 1975. Jenkins used the term to describe a small group of American photographers that were inspired by subject matter that was man-made and had a … Continue reading New Topographic Movement

Fujifilm X-E4 Announced

Fujifilm has announced that the next iteration of the X-E range of cameras will be released at the end of February, named the X-E4. A few years ago it was rumoured that the X-E line would not be updated after the X-E2s but along came the X-E3, mainly it is said because Fuji users asked … Continue reading Fujifilm X-E4 Announced

Street Photography – Creative Vision Behind the Lens

by Valérie Jardin This book is another present from my daughter Emz. She obviously thinks that I need some help with my photography. The author is a well-known X system photographer, Valerie Jardin,  who is variously described as a street photographer, a documentary photographer and also as she calls herself - a narrative photographer. She … Continue reading Street Photography – Creative Vision Behind the Lens