What consumer protection

So SRS get the E-1 that won’t read memory cards back.

I rang them to ensure my refund was going through and was told that someone would ring me back. he/she didn’t.

So the next day I was duly on the phone again and reached somebody who knew about the E-1. When I asked if my refund was going through I was told no. Apparently I had broken the camera.  When I inserted the memory card, I was dutifully told, I bent the pins.

Now when the camera didn’t work after inserting three different memory cards I checked the pins, I couldn’t seen any bent or missing ones. My thinking is, they didn’t check the ability of the camera to read memory cards when it was part-exchanged by a .punter, they didn’t check it when they sent it to me and what has happened is in fact the mother board is buggered (no bent pins). They now want me to pay for their incompetence

So an argument (not heated) ensued wherein Mr SRS said they were going to see how much it would cost to get it repaired by Olympus. I told him that it was irrelevant as I wasn’t going to pay for it. Ok, he said leave it with me and ‘I’ll get back to you’.

He didn’t so I rang again the next day, mid-afternoon and was told the gentleman wasn’t in until later , but that a message would be left to tell him to ring me.

He didn’t.

So I didn’t ring them again I rang Barclaycard to whom I filed a Transaction Dispute. Iwould get the neccessary papers in a couple of days and then have 10 days to send them off.

At a quarter to five that night, I got a phone call from SRS! A lady this time, who was being conciliatory.

I was told they were expecting a couple of E-1 bodies in next week and they could swap them over. If I didn’t want that then I  could have a refund less a 10% re-stocking charge. Now I didn’t argue that at the time (I’ll wait to see what happens with the replacement bodies), but why would there be a restocking charge for a broken camera?

Unless…they plan to send it out again to another unsuspecting customer.


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